About Us

I originally set up my AMSOIL dealership to serve a corporate client who didn't fit into the traditional AMSOIL commercial or retail account scenarios and to purchase AMSOIL products for my vehicles. At the time, I only knew about the oil and bypass filters. I quickly learned that AMSOIL offers a broad range of products from lubricants to protectants, to cleaners, to nutritional supplements. In speaking with the Direct Jobber above me in the business, I heard his story about the Vision Power product and his fight with glaucoma. His glaucoma test scores which were ever increasing and around 19 decreased over a 6 month period to 15, 13 and the latest one eye 12 and one 13. Those are the best scores he has had in many years and he can see at night without glare. When he told his doctor that he had been taking Vision Power, his doctor tried to get him to switch products (the same doctor who didn't offer a product in the first place) but he is sticking with the product he knows works for him.